TGA Unveil Unique Passport and Flight Checklist for Mobility Scooter Users

Travel company TGA are committed to making travel more accessible for everyone. They have shown their dedication to this goal in a number of ways over the years. Their latest idea is to unveil a unique passport and flight checklist for mobility scooter users to have an easier time when travelling through airports.

The older we get, the harder it can be to move around. That’s no excuse to not enjoy the fun things in life though. A good mobility scooter can give you back the freedom and independence you are used to.

There’s been a surge in interest in air travel, which has put quite the spotlight on travel for those with mobility scooters. More and more people are looking to take their scooters on holiday with them and have them when they go on business trips. How easy it is to move a mobility scooter can vary between different airlines and airports. In general though, there are some common considerations to make that would improve travel efficiency for passengers with scooters.

TGA have made the process even easier by developing what they call a “Scooter Passport” scheme, the first of it’s kind in the UK. They’ve also put together a great flight checklist to better prepare travelers for any questions they could have to deal with at the airport. With all of the necessary information and their product ready to go, as well as taking care of all planning requirements, it will be easier and more efficient to move mobility scooters across airports, planes, cruise lines, and trains.

The TGA scooter passport system is made to look like a luggage tag. The “tag” is affixed to a mobility scooter before departure. The tags are made from a reusable non-tear material that allows people to write down all the important details about their scooter, including the type, name, size, and other important information.

Staff can use this information to make informed decisions about how to handle the scooter and how to put it away on the plane. The information also allows baggage handlers to properly manage a scooter and reduce the possibility the scooter will be damaged.

The TGA passport provides staff on arrival with the information they need to know to make things easier for passengers with scooters.

Passengers can also get their hands on the TGA flight checklist to make things even easier. The checklist is a simple four-page booklet that lists all of the recommended actions a person can take before travelling with their scooter.

Planning and taking care of things ahead of time – such as checking accessibility and information the special assistance team at the airport about your needs – are some of the items included in the checklist. Everything is sorted into chronological order to make it easier. The checklist also includes a list of the documents to take to the airport.

It all goes together to create an interesting little system that will make life with mobility scooters that little bit easier for all involved.

Trevor Baker
Trevor Baker

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