Are Mobility Scooters Allowed in Shops?

The question “are mobility scooters allowed in shops?” is among the most common questions asked by people looking at mobility scooters. These scooters help people to live a normal life, which would include going to the shops and supermarket.

The answer to the question isn’t a solid “yes,” as there are some stores that don’t have the room for mobility scooters. Almost all supermarkets have wider aisles that are built for mobility scooters and wheelchairs, but some stores simply don’t have the space. Some shops may have access to smaller scooters but not larger ones that require a greater turning circle.

Can Mobility Scooters be Used in Supermarkets?

Supermarkets generally have plenty of room, allowing for easy access for mobility scooters. Most UK supermarkets have access to scooters or even let you borrow a scooter as you do your shopping.

Supermarkets often have suitable facilities for disabled access. However, there may still be some cases where the store is too small and doesn’t have access for larger scooters. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the store if you have any doubts.

Can Mobility Scooters Be Used in Local Stores?

Scooter access for smaller stores varies. Some shops don’t have the room for mobility scooters. Whether or not a mobility scooter can be used in a store or not is down to the owner’s discretion and comes down to customer safety and insurance problems.

In general, the bigger the mobility scooter, the less likely you’ll be able to use it in a store. Some small scooters have a more refined turning circle suited to the smaller aisles. If you have a big scooter, then it’s likely you’ll need to leave it outside.

If you have some mobility and can move around with a walking stick, then bring one with you. That way, you can leave the scooter outside and use the walking stick to navigate around the store.

What About Wheelchairs?

The rules for wheelchairs tend to be the same as the rules for scooters. You can expect to be able to use your wheelchair in a store as long as there is adequate room.

Wheelchairs come with an advantage over mobility scooters in that they take up less space and have a smaller turning circle. There are compact wheelchairs with turning circles as small as 40cm. These chairs can navigate even the smallest of shop aisles and are handy in situations your scooter is too big.


Mobility scooters are generally allowed in shops. You can expect to be able to use your mobility scooter in supermarkets and big shops, but there may come a time when it isn’t possible to use your scooter in a store.

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